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Sushi N Sushi

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142 Fullarton St R25
London, ON

Tel: 519 667-1832
Manager/Owner: David Kim

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri 11:30 – 3:00

Sushi N Sushi is the only buffet-style sushi take-out restaurant in London.

You can pick your favorite sushi one by one among the choices of more than 20 different sushi everyday. The best part is that you do not have to buy the whole set, which is what other sushi restaurants normally offer. By this you can choose only the sushi you like and you can also dare to try ones you never tried before. You can just get a single piece to try the new taste, and there is no need to buy a whole set and waste it.

If you do find a sushi you like, you can always share it with your family and friends.
We carry variety of different sushi platters, and you can talk to our sushi chef David Kim to make a custom sushi platter for you. Why buy a platter with sushi kinds you don?t want? Let us fill your platter with only of your favourite sushi.

The sushi we serve currently is not the end of our menu, as we don't stop to introduce new sushi to our customers every month and every week. Using the fresh fish, fruit and the other ingredients we can find in Ontario, we are always seeking for a new sushi to be made and be loved by the customers. When you drop by Sushi N Sushi next time, you can try our new sushi of the month, or of the week.

Oh and don't miss our famous Teriyaki. We don't just offer beef or chicken with teriyaki sauce on the top like other restaurants. To make it best, we marinate, pre-cook the ingredients and cook it fresh when ordered. That's why people who tasted the Sushi N Sushi teriyaki say it is the best they have ever tasted. We serve Chicken, Beef, Shrimp and Veggie Teriyaki and if you wish to try two kinds at once, you can mix the teriyakis to make your own favorite menu. Of course if you feel the need of variety with seaweed salad and a couple of sushi, you can have it in an elegant Bento box.

Everybody knows sushi is healthy but the problem always is that people think it's expensive. We offer the top notch restaurant quality sushi with take out restaurant price so you can enjoy the healthy sushi without paying overpriced restaurant prices! Do you think that?s not enough? Well we offer our famous ?Toonie Tuesday? special deal on every Tuesdays. Come and check our Toonie Tuesday special deal.

Sushi N Sushi, Yummy Sushi!!!
When you drop by Sushi N Sushi next time, try our new sushi.